1 in 5 Children Live in Poverty

Vibration Apparel is committed to helping solve this problem.
It is our mission to help the most
vulnerable in our society, our children


The Number of Children in the
United States that live in poverty.

That Means 1-In-5 Children Do Not Have
The Basic Necessities that many of us
take for granted such as a hot meal or
a clean shirt.

Tee for Tee™

Spreading Good Vibes…

This is what Vibration Apparel is all about. Spreading Good Vibes, helping children.
The more shirts we sell, the more shirts we donate. The more children we help!
Its that simple!

The Shirts we give

For every shirt we sell, we donate a brand new
shirt to a child in need. These shirts are
designed in an assortment of colors that help
every child fit in at school or play.


Vibration Apparel works closely with its giving partners to help spread
good vibes and distribute shirts to children in need across the United States.