My New Year's Intentions - It's not too late!

Happy New Year to you!!!  Can you believe it's been almost 3 weeks since we rang in the New Year?  You are probably settling back into the reality of your daily lives and schedules.  The holidays are over.  But now what?

Now is a good time to reflect and really think about setting New Year's Intentions.  New Year's Resolutions are usually external goals and are often a win/lose battle.  Intentions are more subtle and internal.  In yoga, at the beginning of class, we often set an intention, something you SEEK to attain in your life.  This intention sets the stage for your journey through your daily yoga practice.  It's a way to train our thinking.

What if we applied the same principles to a New Year!  Instead of setting rigid goals, how about setting an intention, something you SEEK in your life.  Intentions are more long-term and take you in a new direction on your life journey. 

Let's start by choosing words that will guide you in how you want to feel.  By changing your inner dialogue, you will ultimately change your outer dialogue and actions.

How about these for starters...

Self love








Take 10 minutes everyday and think about (or meditate) with a few of these words or intentions.  You will be surprised as your intentions evolve into your reality. 

Happy and Healthy 2018!