🍌 Try this Simple Recipe and Feel The Good Vibes 🍓

A study in the American Journal of Public Health (July 2016) looked at the relationship between one's psychological well-being after increases in fruits and vegetables consumption.  Guess what, not surprisingly, increased fruit and vegetable consumption was predictive of increased happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being.  Click here for full study.

Sending good vibes and good food your way!  Here's an awesome recipe from @cleaner_than_your_average that uses vegetables and fruit to make a smoothie bowl.  It's simple too.

Blend these ingredients:

1 cup blueberries, 3/4 small frozen banana 🍌, 3/4 cup frozen cauliflower, 3/4 cup almond milk, 1 scoop @furtherfoodcollagen , 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, and a few ice cubes! Topped off with chia seeds, strawberries, blueberries, and banana.